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Funding for Founders is an experiential professional development capital program, led by facilitators with 25+ years of experience as nonprofit and entrepreneurship leaders.

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Cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs

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There is an urgent need to address the unmet entrepreneur support needs in the St. Louis region through an entrepreneurship and innovation hub at Harris-Stowe State University by providing quality education, just-in-time consulting, and human-centered support activities for the startup community.

Black & Brown micro non-profit / solopreneurs leaders are in need of innovation and entrepreneurship hub of shared services, professional development, mentorship, and a for profit partner network as they are often under-resourced and working in isolation.

CIE - Funding for Founders Inaugural Class
Kristy Jackson Executive Director CIE


We are excited to launch our inaugural Funding for Founders (F3)Nonprofit Incubator through the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Harris-Stowe State University. As a non-profit founder of SheCan Connect Professional Women’s Faith and Business Community, I understand the value of having experienced mentorship in starting up a non-profit organization from the ground level. Unlike typical startup incubators that cater to both for-profit and non-profit ventures, our F3 incubator is designed to address the unique needs of non-profits, including grant readiness, and building a board of directors.

We are thrilled to welcome our first cohort of founders and are committed to provide them with the necessary support to successfully develop their organizations.

Kristy Jackson, ED S.


The Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Harris-Stowe State University will be a leader in small business development, innovation, and leadership development by catering to the needs of scholars, local and regional minority entrepreneurs by providing support, education, and consulting for the small business and startup community.

  • Life Coaching/Human Performance (L) – Networking Skills, Personal Development – Entrepreneurial Mindset, Interpersonal Communication

  • Ideation (I) – Creativity/Innovation, Strategic Thinking, DEI

  • Business Knowing (B) – Business Finance, Financial Literacy Literacy

  • Marketing (M) – Communication, Branding

THE MISSION: To serve as a hub of entrepreneurial activities to foster the growth of emerging entrepreneurs and cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders as future business owners. We will realize the mission by facilitating an entrepreneurship curriculum, hands-on educational training, and services to complement formal classroom learning in a state-of-the-art entrepreneurship center for Harris-Stowe State University students and the community.

Course Outline

Understanding Various Types of Nonprofit Costs

Nonprofit Life Cycle Stages

Creating a Useful Organization Budget

Creating a Fundraising Plan – “Mapping A World of Funding”

Components of Successful Boards of Directors

Importance of having a Value Proposition Statement

Importance of having Measured Outcomes of your Services

How to Have Successful Donor Conversations

Power of Social Media

Grant Readiness – with Cynthia Crim

Location: Cortex
4240 Duncan Avenue, Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 63110



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