Overview Content

    • Corporate Philanthropy & How You Can Increase Your Individual Gifts
    • Giving Statistics
    • Matching Employee  Gift Program
      • Make a list of who you can reach out to that have matching gifts and remember to look at your current list of corporations already giving to your organization.
    • Volunteer Matching Grant Companies
    • Panel Discussion – Monique, Boeing; Cynthia Crim, Stupp Foundation; 

WEEK 7 – Assignments


  • Due by Friday at 8p CT  
  • Track your 45-Marketing Point in the tracker  
  • Post your weekly progress video   


  • Reach Out to 5 Donors Contest Starts on Saturday and runs through Friday
    • Ways to reach your goal:
      • Every day reach out to schedule a meeting, phone call, etc. to prospective Company, Donor, Foundation, etc.
      • Every day reach out to a prospective donor/sponsor, etc. on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
      • Begin to Do “The ASK” – for the donation – monthly donor? Membership?
      • Use the Donor Conversation Protocol and Questions to Ask Prospective Donors handouts in our Google/FB Group, Guide 3: Program resources for more ideas to help you meet your goal
      • Make sure to track your points in the Group Tracker so we can see if you’ve done the work and can send you your prize!

Toolkit Docs

Below you will find links to all of the documents and forms discussed during class.  Click on a link to open the form and then download or print as needed.

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