Overview Content


  • Programs & Services for Impact
    • Defining/Building  Your Program or Service
      • Measurements – Outcomes
      • Activities –  Outputs
      • Social Return on Investment
      • Logic Model
      • Evaluation

Week 5 Slides

WEEK 5 – Assignments


  • Due by Friday at 8p CT  
    • Defining Your Program
      • What are your outcomes?
      • What are your outputs?
      • What is the social return on investment for your organization?
      • How will you evaluate your program?
  • Track your 45-Marketing Point in the tracker  
  • Post your weekly progress video  
  • Define Outcomes That Align With Your Mission


  • 45-Marketing Point Contest starts on Saturday and runs through Friday next week
    • The prize will be a $5 Starbucks gift card for EVERYONE that gets 45 points.
    • Make sure to mark your points in the tracker

Toolkit Docs

Below you will find links to all of the documents and forms discussed during class.  Click on a link to open the form and then download or print as needed.

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