Hello Founders!!

announcements week 3 (1)

It was so great to see everyone last week as we continue to build our entrepreneur community.

Below are some action items and reminders that we are asking you complete before our next class on Monday July 17th .

  • Week #3 Action Items:

    -Schedule 1:1 Sessions with

    • Cynthia Davis cynthia@cpdavisconsulting.com!
    • Brad Lambert brad@kblimpactpartners.com

    -Finalize Value Proposition-email Kathy kathy@kblimpactpartners.com

    -Create a One-Year Budget for your Organization

    -Begin Creating a Fund Development Plan

  • Create a Start-Up Tree Profile:

    • Remember to complete your Startup Tree Profile and change your password!
    • Use this link: https://hssu-cie.startuptree.co/
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: [find this in this week’s email]

    If you have any issues/challenges, please contact Orlando Sharpe Tues/Wed/Thurs between 10am-5pm at https://calendly.com/sharpe1/45min

  • Review the F3Websitewww.f3cie.com
    All of the presentation slides/homework assignments/other pertinent information

  • Payment Deadline – Checks / Money Orders brought to class on July 19. Add Account number in the memo 11-0000-4453

  • Graduation: August 30 – 6- 8 pm-Location TBD

  • Grant Applications -Three organizations will receive a $2,000 grant. Grantees will be determined by the CIE and FFF Facilitation team

  • Send your headshot photo to Michell Stockmann to be added to the Funding for Founders website michell@tksdesignteam.com

  • We have created a Founders Directory where we can share your info with one another easily in the class. We want to support each other through this process and showcase our Inaugural class! Please copy this section and fill in the blanks and send the info with a high-quality headshot of yourself to hello@tksdesignteam.com so we can add it to the website. Thank you!

    • Your name:
    • Your title:
    • Organization name:
    • Your contact email:
    • Your phone:
    • Your personal LinkedIn URL:
    • Organization’s Facebook
    • Organization’s Instagram
    • Short one-sentence (20-25 words) bio of your organization.
    • Don’t forget to send your headshot

    This is what the bio will look like:

Continue to check your emails and this website for updated information and communication that you will need during this program. Please do NOT share this information with others, except those on your team supporting you through this process.  To keep the integrity of the program we want to make sure this information stays private between our Funding for Founders members.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss


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